Typical mistakes in essay

The first mistake – an aged structure of the essay. Too many students go into the jungle of his reasoning, completely forgetting about the structure and composition. In the end, instead of the essay, they do something vague and formless, stream of consciousness in any form. For this will never give you a better grade, even if there are contained truly brilliant ideas.

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Second error – the abuse of volume. Do not think that the more abstracts you put in the essay, the better. Enough three, but very succinct and well reasoned.
Third error – a mismatch of argument thesis. Often when writing essays, students present the thesis with literally “far-fetched” arguments. For this, too, can hardly count on a high rating.
Fourth error – the inability to conclude. Your essay must have a logical conclusion that summarizes all that is written. Without it, the essay cannot be called wealthy.
The fifth mistake – the poverty of language. Any essay opportunity to reveal their identity in words, so use it! Try to make your work it was interesting to read.
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